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I don't have access to Internet

No Internet access? Don't panic, we're here!

If you can access Quantic Telecom's websites, but not all the others, the solution is often to reconnect to the access portal. The redirection is usually automatic but it's possible to have to visit manually via https://auth.quantic-telecom.net.

If the access portal https://auth.quantic-telecom.net doesn't load with Safari, try with the Chrome or Firefox browser. You can use Safari later of course, if your authentication succeed.

If you can't access any website…
If you're living in the residence Les Cateliers, please read « I can't connect to the Wi-Fi network »

  1. Check that your network cable is correctly plugged between your computer and your apartment's network plug or between your Quantic Box and the network plug. It may seem obvious but small discontinuation are possible, especially with plug a little bit damaged or an old cable. Push the cable into the plug until you heard a clic.

  2. Disconnect your computer from all Wi-Fi networks when you use the wired connection. If you use your Quantic Box, please check you're correctly connected to « Quantic Box - XXXX ».
  3. Ask your neighbors also connected to Quantic Telecom, if they have the same problem. Which may indicate a global outage, potentially due to an electric outage or a local problem for your floor or your residence.
Eventually, perform a « cross-matching test », that is to say, try to connect your computer with your cable in a neighbor's plug. And ask a neighbor to try his computer and his cable in your network plug. If you manage to connect and visit websites in your neighbor, or if your neighbor can't access Internet in your flat, contact us, the problem his more likely the network plug in your flat. You can also try the cable of you neighbor to see if it doesn't play a role in your problem.

If the problem remains, and after you made sure your computer and your cable work, you can contact us, in english or in french thanks to the contact form below. Notice that if a technician take action at your place and the problem is your responsability, the operation will be charged 35€.

I can't connect to the Wi-Fi network Ethernet / RJ45 cable

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