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VoIP Telephony. Professional.

Thanks to the new generation of fix telephony get fiability and reduce your bills.

Why switch to the VoIP telephony?

The VoIP telephony is a way forward for companies. This solution offers qualities of service and incomparable performances compared to the old methods.

Reduced communication costs

Enjoy free and illimited communications. By using the internet network, the VoIP telephony allows you to reduce your telephone bills and make them predictable. No investment in infrastructure is expected.

Many functionalities

Call recording, visualisation of statistics, call forwarding, unified messaging, reception of voice message by email, massive call archiving and more!

Fast commissioning

From ordering to commissioning of your lines and your IVR, our engineer take care of everything according to your needs and your constraints. Less than 2 weeks will be necessary for us to commissioning your solution.

Flexibility and productivity

Thanks to posts which are not relied to lines anymore, you will keep your number even on the move. A connection is possible with you information system.

Free configuration

All our VoIP solutions are entirely configured by our engineer and will be delivered to you keys in hands without involve extra fees.

Rental or purchase phone

Our telephony solutions are selled with or without phone, in immediate purchase or in rental for 5€/month.