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I can't connect to the Wi-Fi network

The public Wi-Fi network is only available for temporary use or when travelling. As Wi-Fi waves do not pass through walls, the quality deteriorates very quickly in flats despite the number of terminals installed. If you wish to use a high-performance Wi-Fi network, we recommend that you use a personal Wi-Fi router which will be connected to the network socket in your flat (see "connecting multiple devices to the Quantic Telecom network").

If you have problems with your Wi-Fi connection, it is essential to test your wired connection, without using your personal router, in order to determine whether your problem is technical or not.
If your wired connection works, then your problem is either due to a Wi-Fi router problem (configuration problem or defective model) or to the nature of the Wi-Fi connection itself.

We remind you that the quality of the flow in Wi-Fi connection depends on the environment of the router.
Wi-Fi uses radio frequencies that can be subject to interference in the home, due to the large number of routers present and their simultaneous use (for visions for example).
It is recommended to use a wired connection for your computer, by connecting it to one of the LAN ports of your router, and to keep the Wi-Fi connection for your other devices (phone, tablet,...).
For computers without RJ-45 port, you can use a USB-Ethernet adapter, available in stores or online.

Configuration problems appear when using a third-party router. A message will inform you that you need to change the settings (see "Connecting with a third-party router").
To determine if it is a faulty router, you can perform a cross-test by connecting to Wi-Fi on another router and asking another subscriber to test their Wi-Fi connection on your router.

WARNING: Quantic Telecom only provides technical support for QuanticBoxes purchased directly from its services and not reset.

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