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The optical fibre. Professional.

Access to internet at ultra-high speed and a quality network thanks to Quantic Telecom’s fibre.

Why you should use the fibre ?

The optical fibre is an innovative solution for companies today. This solution offers qualities of service and incomparable performances compared to the old solutions. More than a simple ultra-fast broadband network connection, the optical fibre is today essential to increase performances and also for general business competitiveness.

The advantages of Quantic Telecom’s optical fibre

Our optical fibre offers are customizable to be suitable for companies of every sizes which desire performance and an optimum quality of service.

Top of the range network

Take advantage of dedicated network to professionals who wish to download and send their files all around the world instantly.

Assistance 24 hours a day

A problem? Our local engineers are at your disposal 24 hours a day 7 days a week in the way to bring you as soon as possible a pertinent solution.

Our infrastructures

At Quantic, we deploy our own secure network everywere in France to ensure a network of excellence for all our customers.

Our Optical fibre solutions

In Quantic Telecom we have two types of solution for you: the dedicated fibre (FTTO) and the professional shared fibre.

All of our solutions are entirely customizable and developed in cooperation with our engineers to adapt ourselves to your needs and your expectations.

Discover which solution is made for you