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I can't connect to the Wi-Fi network

Important notice : the residences covered by Quantic Telecom provide a wired network (except the residence Les Cateliers). The public Wi-Fi network is therefore available only for temporary usage or moving. The Wi-Fi technology is not a technology guaranteeing the stability and the performance of the network. The Wi-Fi doesn't penetrate the walls, the quality degrades rapidly in the apartments despite a high density of access points. We recommend, if you want to use the Wi-Fi, to order a personal Quantic Box connected directly in you apartment.

Despite new access points every year, and the usage of next generation access points, problems remain. If you're living in the Cateliers, we're aware of the situation, and we're ready to wire the residence, at our cost, as soon as the INSA will give us the permission. Meanwhile, you can check some points…

  1. Check that your wireless network adapter is a next generation adapter (type N, or AC). This information should be display with the characteristics of your computer. An old adapter can be responsible for varying performances of your connection. It's possible to buy more powerful USB wireless network adapter in hardware shops.
  2. If the connection stops working, and was working before, check that the access point near your apartment is still here and illuminated.

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