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Optical fibre at INSA Rouen.
At low cost.

Don't hassle yourself anymore with your internet subscription, enjoy a subscription specifically designed for students.

Services included in the offer

High speed Internet

Unlimited access to very high speed Internet by Ethernet RJ-45 network cable (up to 100 megabits/second depending on the technical eligibility).

DTT Television

Watch the 27 DTT channels directly in HD on your computer, without purchasing any material.

Extra options available

Boxes use Wi-Fi frequencies that can be saturated depending on the use of neighbouring devices. The wired network isn't subject to this problem, which is why we recommend the use of a USB-Ethernet adapter (available in stores) when your laptop doesn't have a dedicated network socket.

You need to provide a French phone number to be able to receive the delivery instructions.

Subscription from to
to be paid upfront
+ 15 € /month
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in one single instalment