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I am moving - I am leaving INSA

You are changing room, residence or simply leaving the INSA campus?

- If you change your room or residence within the same campus
You don't have to do anything to keep your Internet access: it is accessible from any socket in any INSA residence during the whole duration of your subscription.
Nevertheless, for practical reasons, we advise you to update your personal information in the "Address" section of your Quantic Telecom customer area (https://www.quantic-telecom.net/adresse)

- In case of moving to another INSA
Our network is available in the INSA of Rennes, Lyon and Rouen. Your subscription can therefore follow you if you move to one of these 3 campuses.
You can ask for an update of your address by opening a support ticket in the "Support" section of your Quantic Telecom customer area

- In case of permanent departure from the INSA residences
If you leave the INSA residences for good, you don't have to do anything: your subscription will automatically end at the end of the contracted period (monthly or annual)

If you have purchased a QuanticBox, it belongs to you.
You are free to give it away, sell it or keep it.
For information, our QuanticBox works like any other Wi-Fi router and can be used with other networks than ours.

- I have moved, can my invoice be edited ?
Unfortunately, it is not legally possible to modify an already issued invoice. That's why it's important that you update your address when you subscribe so that it appears on your invoice.

If you move during the year and have taken out an annual subscription, we will not be able to edit your invoice.
If you have chosen the monthly subscription, please remember to update your address before you subscribe again.

How to renew my subscription? I want to delete my account and data

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